Kitty – “Asari Love Song”

Kitty’s come a long way from her cloud rap beginnings, and her debut album — which she crowdfunded last year — seems like it’s finally on the horizon. “Asari Love Song,” which is part of this year’s Adult Swim Singles Series, comes from her upcoming full-length, and it’s a shadowy ’80s-inspired track that wouldn’t sound out of place on, ahem, a Carly Rae Jepsen album.

“I’m really excited to share this song before any of the others from my new album, not only because I’m so pumped on the badass guitar solo but because it’s one of the few songs that survived all three rewrites of the entire record,” she told The Fader, who debuted the track. “I wrote it during a week where I was a little too emotionally invested in the budding relationship between two characters in my Mass Effect game. I’m stoked to perform it on tour, because I really like pretending I’m a hot bitch from the 80s.”

Listen to it below.

“Asari Love Song” is available through the Adult Swim Singles Series.

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