Nassau – “Wake The Dead” Video

On a secluded rooftop, distanced from the chaos of New York City, Nassau somberly sits and cautions not to “Wake The Dead” in their newest music video. Singer Justin Wilcox contemplates a late night outing, “I couldn’t wait to come home/ To drink the wine that you bought/ We stay out all night/ Either way it’s alright/ So why wake the dead?” Airplanes rise and fall as the sun sets amidst a periwinkle-rose-petal sky and Brooklynites Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein strum their guitars while Williamsburg settles down for the evening. Directed by Tomasz Werner, the video follows the release of their debut EP Hoss, which came out this past June via Firetalk. Watch the video below.

Nassau play an afternoon show at Union Pool in Brooklyn on 11/12 alongside Ben Seretan and Cut Worms.