Maroon 5 – “Don’t Wanna Know” Video

Maroon 5’s video for their Kendrick Lamar collab “Don’t Wanna Know” is directed by David Dobkin, the same guy who made their “Sugar” video. That one featured the band crashing fictional weddings but was made to look like a series of authentic incidents to maximize its viral power. This one ups the ante with regard to virality: It’s a six-minute, celebrity-filled, Pokémon Go-themed romp in which Adam Levine and his bandmates wear giant bug suits so as to look like Pokémon characters. There’s also a love story in which Levine is pining for Sarah Silverman, who is also dressed up as a Pokémon. Vince Vaughn, Ed Helms, and Vine star Amanda Cerny are among the other Pokémon being chased by an enthusiastic crowd of humans with smartphones. There’s also a fourth-wall-breaking segment in the middle. Note: This version of the song does not feature Kendrick, and he doesn’t appear in the video, so we’re spared (denied?) the sight of him in one of these ridiculous costumes. Watch below.

Is it possible that this goofy, over-the-top video is actually an incisive commentary on our culture’s obsession with celebrities? Don’t rule it out!