Watch Azealia Banks Tell Her Side Of The Story About The Russell Crowe Fight

This past weekend, Azealia Banks went to a hotel-room party that the movie star Russell Crowe threw for a small group of guests. Banks came as the guest of the RZA, and at some point during the evening, things got heated enough that Crowe physically removed her from the room. Banks is claiming that Crowe choked on her, spat on her, and used racial slurs against her, but none of the other guests — including the RZA — are backing up her story. Banks has said that RZA “betrayed” her, and she’s no longer planning on signing a record deal with RZA. Now, TMZ’s cameras have caught up with Banks, and she’s told her side of the story.

Speaking with TMZ, Banks has doubled down on the narrative that Crowe spat on her, choked her, and called her the N-word. She also says that all the guests at the party are lying in backing Crowe up, that of course they’re going to get behind his version of the story. She also says that she wasn’t threatening anyone at the party, and that RZA “stood there like a chump,” that he doesn’t have “enough clout” to go up against the high-powered Hollywood figures in the room. Here’s the video:

Banks was mum on whether she’ll go through with filing charges against Crowe; I guess we’ll see.