October Surprise: Waka Flocka Flame Enters The Presidential Race With Running Mate Ric Flair

Waka Flocka Flame is 30 years old — five years too young to run for President of these United States. That doesn’t matter! It also doesn’t matter that he has many, many lyrics about shooting people and dealing drugs. As we’ve seen, nothing even fucking matters in this year’s presidential race. So maybe it’s not a surprise to see that Flocka has thrown his proverbial hat into the ring, announcing his candidacy for President with only a few weeks left until voting day. As his running mate, Flocka has chosen Ric Flair, the greatest professional wrestler in history. This should give him an edge in the crucial swing state of North Carolina. The whole thing appears to be some kind of incredibly goofy Budweiser-sponsored publicity stunt, and you can watch Flocka and Flair incoherently announce their candidacy below.

Honestly, it’s a shame we couldn’t have Flair in there to liven up the Tim Kaine/Mike Pence debate.