Heems – “Adults With Privates”

Heems is on a real roll right now. The former Das Racist rapper is now one half of the duo Swet Shop Boys, and they just released the impressive debut album Cashmere. But Heems is a problem on his own, as well, and he proves it on the new track “Adults With Privates.” Heems recorded the track for Gaycation, a new Viceland show in which Ellen Page and Ian Daniel travel to different countries to investigate their LGBTQ cultures. The Gaycation episode about India airs tonight, and on “Adults With Privates,” Heems blasts the way his ancestral homeland institutionally oppresses queer people, rhyming “Victorian morality” with “they don’t hear our orality” and talking about ancient Hindu carvings “depicting open love from the same sex.” Listen to the song below, via Noisey.

The Gaycation episode about India airs tonight at 10:30 eastern on Viceland.

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