Stream The Du-Rites J-Zone & Pablo Martin Are The Du-Rites

The Queens rapper and producer J-Zone is one of the funniest, bitterest men in all of rap music. Earlier this year, he released a new solo album called Fish-N-Grits, and I really liked it. But J-Zone is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with a deep love for Meters-style ’70s funk. And on a new album, that’s the side of him that we see. J-Zone has teamed up with Pablo Martin, an Argentina native who currently lives in New York and plays in the present-day incarnation of the Tom Tom Club. They’ve formed the Du-Rites, an instrumental funk duo who released an album of really nasty tracks yesterday. If you’ve got any love for ’70s funk, you should really hear it; it’s streaming below.

You can buy J-Zone & Pablo Martin Are The Du-Rites at Bandcamp and read more about the duo at Bandcamp Daily.