Maybe Justin Bieber Should Just Quit It With The Earnest Concert Speeches?

Poor Justin Bieber. He just can’t seem to make it through a single earnest speech without being interrupted by a hat-throwing superfan or the deafening roar of a thousand Belieber screams. During his concert in Manchester last night, he attempted to do his inspirational little bit about how everyone has a purpose, but when the crowd wouldn’t shut up while he was talking, he got frustrated and passive aggressively offered the microphone to one of his loud fans:

Do you want to take the mic? You can talk if you want. No? If you guys wanna take this moment and … I just thought I could have a moment of, you know, trying to say something. But if not, I’ll just get to the singing, if you guys don’t want to hear me speak. I don’t mind cutting the bullshit because I don’t need to talk, I’m just trying to engage. But if you guys don’t want to do that, then we’ll just play the music. This is my purpose.

Bieber vs. Beliebers: the biggest cold beef of 2016?