Slonk Donkerson – “Cassanova’s At It Again”

About six years ago, three friends from Westchester named themselves Slonk Donkerson. Almost exactly one year ago, we named the Band To Watch alums one of the 50 Best New Bands Of 2015 on the strength of The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club And Their Respective Destinies — technically their third album, but their first official release. And today, New Jersey-based music site Speak Into My Good Eye releases the third edition of their annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge Compilation for charity, which just so happens to include a new song by our pals Slonky D. The weirdly funky “Cassanova’s At It Again” is right in their lowbrow-meets-highbrow aesthetic sweet-spot, an arty yet cheesy hard-rocker that packs a year’s worth of ideas into its three short minutes (and the 24 hours they were written and recorded in). Here’s what Slonk Donkerson had to say about the experience:

We were instantly drawn to the challenge of writing and recording a track in 24 hours. We can be extremely meticulous (to put it nicely) with our work, so it was almost a relief to have the deadline. Though it is our latest composition, “Cassanova’s At It Again” actually serves pretty well as a bridge between our earlier hard-rocking work, and our forthcoming, poppier, synth-heavier songs. This is our first official release to feature our new drummer John Spencer. Former drummer Zack O’Brien shreds on guitar. Parker Silzer stepped back from the six-string to play keys and engineer the song. Dylan Vandenhoeck is the bass-wizard and singer, as usual. Really hope y’all enjoy!

Listen below.

Slonk Donkerson live dates:

10/30 Brooklyn, NY @ The Glove
11/03 Ridgewood, NY @ The Footlight

Buy the 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge Compilation here. Fruit & Flowers, Leland Sundries, and the Vaughns are also on it, and the proceeds go to support addiction treatment organization City Of Angels NJ.