R.I.P. Pete Burns

Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns has died at the age of 57. According to a statement from his partner Michael Simpson, his ex-wife, Lynne, and his manager, Steve Coy, Burns died unexpectedly of a heart attack late last night:

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to break the tragic news that our beloved Pete Burns, of Dead Or Alive, died suddenly yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest. All of his family and friends are devastated by the loss of our special star. He was a true visionary, a beautiful, talented soul, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories he has left us with. We have no more words, we will make a further statement when we have had a chance to come to terms with our devastating loss. He will live forever in our memories. Sending you all our love.

– Lynne, Michael, Steve

(The statement above has been edited for clarity.)

Burns founded Dead Or Alive in 1980 and the band catapulted to mainstream success in 1985 with their #1 single “You Spin Me Round.” The band’s popularity waned throughout the ’80s, but Burns’ distinct androgynous image and persona would keep him somewhat in the spotlight into the ’90s and 2000s. The singer was a member of the Celebrity Big Brother 4 cast in 2006, wrote his autobiography, Freak Unique, in 2007, and was most recently featured on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies on the UK’s Channel 5 network. He began getting plastic surgery around 30 years ago, when “You Spin Me Round” became a hit, but had admittedly lost count of how many times he went under the knife on the show and estimated the number to be more than 300.

Burns launched a solo career in the late 2000s, but never got back to the mainstream success Dead Or Alive enjoyed. His most recent single, “Never Marry An Icon,” was released in 2010. Watch the video below. R.I.P.