Think There Are Any Jack White Records Hidden In These Chairs?

Apparently, Jack White has always loved excessively complex record packaging. Before the White Stripes took off, White upholstered furniture — as a teenager, he apprenticed for a Detroit upholsterer named Brian Muldoon, with whom he had a band called the Upholsterers, and he even ran his own shop, Third Man Upholstery, for a while. When he was working with Muldoon, they pressed and hid 100 copies of an Upholsterers single in furniture being reupholstered by Muldoon Studio, several of which were found in 2014. It’s unclear if he kept the practice up once he started his own shop, but it seems likely — and if so, then these four Third Man Upholstery chairs discovered by a Redditor today may have some goodies inside. What do you think?

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