Oakland A’s Apologize For Late Night Twitter Fight With Smash Mouth

Most of the Smash Mouth news we post falls under the “honestly, you can’t make this shit up” category. And, well, honestly? You can’t make this shit up. During last night’s World Series game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, the “All Star” band took an innocuous tweet by sports writer John Shea about former Oakland Athletics player/current Indians player Coco Crisp as an opportunity to bash the A’s:

That’s kind of funny, but not so weird. But then, at around 2:00AM, the Oakland A’s Twitter started firing back, and we had a beef a-brewin:

Then A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle tried to step in to make peace:

But it didn’t work:

But then the A’s apologized, and peace and harmony was had by all:

I truly do not know what to say.

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