Bruce Springsteen Says Donald Trump Is An Embarrassment

Bruce Springsteen has previously called Donald Trump “a moron,” “tragic,” and “dangerous,” and now he’s added “an embarrassment” and “a mess” to that list. In a new interview with The Guardian, the Boss again discusses the Donald, laughing at the difference between the American ideal of masculinity and the version of masculinity embodied by Trump.

“In Trump’s case, the facade is easy to see through, and what you see is a bundle of anxiety, fragility and insecurity,” he says. “It’s the thinnest possible mask of masculinity. And it wouldn’t fool anybody from the ‘Greatest Generation.’ It’s such a thin costume that for me it doesn’t hold for a moment. But there have been quite a few people he has attracted along the way, so I suppose the bluster works to a certain degree. He’s really quite an embarrassment if you’re from the USA. It’s simply the most rigid and thinnest veil of masculinity over a mess.”

Honestly, any concept of an “ideal masculinity” seems pretty dubious and toxic, but I’m definitely not gonna argue about Trump being an embarrassing mess.