That Dog. Crowdfunding First New Album In 19 Years

Astoundingly great ’90s alt-rock band That Dog. haven’t put out an album since 1997’s Retreat From The Sun, but they did get back together in 2011 and 2012 for some reunion tour dates, and last year they shared a new song, “Mean What I Say,” as the theme song for a podcast. Now, they’re crowdfunding some money to finish up their first album in 19 years, something that they’ve been working on for a while now.

“We’ve managed to self-finance most of the recording process, but we need help covering costs for mixing, mastering and some preliminary marketing,” they write on their Kickstarter page. “But before we can even do that, we hope to record a full orchestra on a very special song about life and loss through music called ‘Old L.P.’. This is a first for us and we are so excited to realize our creative vision for the song and show you a deeper level to our sound. And this can’t happen without your contributions.”

Some more interesting information from the Kickstarter: The album features contributions from Maya Rudolph, Pat Smear, Josh Klinghoffer, Josh Haden, Tanya Haden, Kaitlin Wolfberg, Andrew Dost (fun.), Steve McDonald, and more, and the Kickstarter rewards have an estimated arrival time of May 2017, which hopefully will be around when the album comes out. So that’ll make it 20 years since Retreat From The Sun was released! There’s also a working track sheet:

CREDIT: Rachel Haden

Woo! Find out more information and check out a rundown of rewards over on their Kickstarter.

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