Watch Common’s Black America Again Short Film

Common’s potent, timely new album Black America Again is out today. In tandem with the release of the album, the veteran Chicago MC has released a short film of the same name. The 21-minute visual is full of quiet, unflinching imagery. It’s bookended by lingering, striking, black-and-white portraits of black people of all shades and shapes. There are also powerful scenes of the rapper in a deserted intersection rapping verses from the title track alongside a percussionist, black women performing ritual dances, and a tender, weary slave song sung by a woman as she walks through project buildings. Directed by Selma’s Bradford Young, and produced by 13th director Ava DuVernay, it’s stunning, and a perfect accompaniment to arguably Common’s most conscious and important album of his career. Watch it below, and stick around to stream the album too.

Black America Again is out now on Def Jam.