Father John Misty – “Trump’s Private Pilot” (Tim Heidecker Cover)

Earlier today, Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric shared a song called “Trump’s Private Pilot” as a part of Dave Eggers’ 30 Days, 30 Songs project. “I wrote this song a month or so before the Republican National Convention after thinking that we were running out of options to stop the Trump Train,” Heidecker explains. “My humor tends to skew dark, so I imagined a kamikaze style situation, where the pilot sacrifices himself for the sake of the country. I’ve performed it live a few times, and let me tell you: there’s a real cathartic satisfaction in singing the last few lines, and I always choke up a bit.” And now, Father John Misty, king of the impromptu SoundCloud cover of ambiguous seriousness, has struck again. Listen to his version below.