Jason Pierce Teases Possible Final Spiritualized Album

Jason Pierce has been leading the great UK space-rock band Spiritualized since 1990, but he might be just about done. Spiritualized haven’t released a new album since 2012’s Sweet Heart, Sweet Light, and they’ve been working on a new album with producer and Killing Joke member Youth since at least the beginning of last year. Earlier this fall, Pierce said the new album would be out next year. And now he’s saying that it’ll probably be his last.

As Pitchfork points out, Pierce recently spoke to the UK newspaper The Independent and dropped a couple of bombshells. One was that his old band Spacemen 3 had been offered two million pounds to reunite but that he’d turned it down:

Oh, it’s a ton of money. But I think it’s too important for that, I really do. It’s been my life’s work to wave my small flag to show how important rock ‘n’ roll is. You can buy those records if you want to hear the music. The argument that gets thrown at me is people didn’t see it first time. But there’s a whole history of mankind and I wasn’t there for most of it. Maybe I’m just stupid. I certainly need the money. Who doesn’t need that? Who couldn’t give half of it away if they did have it?

And in the same interview, Pierce claimed that his new album is “the equal it not a lot better than” Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, Spiritualized’s 1997 classic and defining work. And he says that, “In a weird way, I think it’s my last record,” stressing that he’s not quitting for health reasons but that he’s artistically exhausted:

I’ve already covered so much ground and already done a load of ideas. There’s no point doing something unless it’s better than that. It’s mentally and physically such a taxing and demanding year or so, and there’s no point doing it unless it’s really something else. I’ve never bowed to pressure and done anything I’d considered a bad move artistically. And I won’t start for anybody.

At least we’re getting one more record, right?