Watch Killer Mike Explain Why Trump Won On The Real

We’re all trying to make sense of yesterday’s election, and one person who was more vocal during the election than most was Killer Mike, one half of Run The Jewels and one of the greatest rappers walking the planet today. Mike was a Bernie Sanders supporter and surrogate, and he made the news last week when he told black voters not to vote for any politicians who weren’t explicitly promising to enact the policies that the black community needs. This morning, he appeared on the syndicated talk show The Real to talk about the sort of anger that drove the election: “I knew people were mad, and I knew that people were mad enough to do things that I hadn’t expected them to do. So I saw people who look like me and you say they were voting Trump, and that scared me. That scared me a lot.” He also discussed the ways that poor white people and poor people of color have been, in his eyes, used and pitted against one another by different political parties. Watch it below, via Brooklyn Vegan.

Mike has also been vocal about the election results on Twitter: