Flatbush Zombies – “Aries” (Feat. Deadcuts)

The Flatbush Zombies have returned with their first taste of new music since the dope, criminally slept-on <em>3001: A Laced Odyssey. The grateful undead have recruited London thrashers Deadcuts for “Aries,” and like much of the music that’s come out over the last week or so, it’s politically minded — particularly free-flowing Meechy Darko bars like: “Emancipation, castration, mass-hating, white washing/ Black shaving patience, that I’m demonstrating, ugh/ Segregation, separation, take my people, chain my people, ship them out, build a nation, picket lines, demonstration/ Kill switch, detonation, this takes dedication.” Eric Arc Elliot production and UK thrash go very well together, as he’s one of the best rock/rap blenders in the game today, and Zombie Juice comes with the energy as usual. The Zombies are back in full effect. Check it out below.