Dude York – “Black Jack”

Seattle trio Dude York have announced their sophomore album, Sincerely, the follow-up to their 2014 debut, Dehumanize. “Black Jack” is its lead single and opening track, an electric and anthemic song about relying on the people around you to find the inner strength you need to keep moving forward. “I relied on myself/ Neglected my own health/ Too afraid to ask for help/ Tried to do it all by myself,” Peter Richards sings over a crunchy, arena-ready riff, but the outwardly empowering nature of the track encourages you to turn to your friends to help get through it: “As far as I can tell, nobody does it all by themselves.” Listen below.

01 “Black Jack”
02 “The Way I Feel”
03 “Something In The Way”
04 “Life Worth Living”
05 “Sincerely I”
06 “Tonight”
07 “Paralyzed”
08 “Giving Up”
09 “Bit Saloon”
10 “Sincerely II”
11 “Love Is”
12 “Twin Moons”
13 “Time’s Not On My Side”

Sincerely is out 2/24 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

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