Flying Lotus Casts Hannibal Buress, Tim Heidecker, Donnell Rawlings In Feature Film Kuso

Steven Ellison, better known as Flying Lotus, has been expanding his repertoire past music for a couple years now with his Royal short film, scoring the FUCKKKYOUUU short film, and taking the helm on the great visuals that accompanied his excellent album You’re Dead!.

Ellison is taking his foray into film even further with his first feature-length, Kuso, which is about a post-apocalyptic LA. He’s already cast George Clinton and has expressed interest in Elijah Wood and Craig Robinson, and today he continues to add to the list. On Twitter, Ellison reports that he’s also cast Hannibal Buress, Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric, and former Chappelle’s Show star Donnell Rawlings. He says Heidecker “plays the creepiest character he’s played thus far.”

The soundtrack for the film will feature new music from Captain Murphy (Ellison’s rap alter ego), Aphex Twin, Thundercat, and Akira Yamoaka. Eddie Alcazar, who worked with him on the short film FUCKKKYOUUU, is on board to produce.

Read Ellison’s tweets with the updates below:

Shooting is currently taking place in Los Angeles, and FlyLo hopes to have it finished in time for Sundance.