Tim Cohen – “John Hughes”

In addition to fronting the Fresh & Onlys and Magic Trick (the latter released a full-length, Other Man’s Blues, a few months ago), Tim Cohen is putting out a new solo record at the beginning of next year. It’s called Luck Man and was written stream-of-consciousness style per Spin, who debuted lead single “John Hughes” earlier today. It’s a light and airy track, presumably named after the famed teen movie director, and its narrative thrust of indecisiveness wouldn’t feel out of place in one of his films. Listen below.

01 “Wall Without A Window”
02 “Shine”
03 “John Hughes”
04 “Meat Is Murder”
05 “Breathe And Die”
06 “Bedfellows”
07 “I Need A Wife”
08 “Sunshine”
09 “Clouds”
10 “Irony”
11 “Luck Man”

Luck Man is out 1/21 via Sinderlyn.