Father John Misty – “Holy Hell”

Father John Misty – “Holy Hell”

The Republican National Convention alone was enough to send Father John Misty into a deep, festival-halting funk, so the fact that Donald Trump has somehow, terrifyingly become our President-elect is probably pretty hard for him to take. (I mean, it’s pretty hard for anyone in their right mind to take.) After one now-deleted Facebook diatribe about the election — and his responses to comments on it (seen above) — he took to SoundCloud to share a new piano ballad called “Holy Hell,” which pretty succinctly sums up the current state of the union: “Hell/ Holy hell, holy hell/ Damn, the future ain’t looking so bright.” But instead of wallowing in “this unfathomable, nameless rift,” as he puts it, he ends things on a more hopeful note: “But all my friends/ Yeah, I’m talking to you/ The world won’t end unless we want it to/ There’s no one in control/ And it’s our life to choose.” Listen.

FJM now has a song called “Holy Shit” and a song called “Holy Hell.” Can “Holy Fuck” be far behind?

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