Every Musician Is Selling Christmas Merch This Year

Last year, 2 Chainz made a ton of money by selling a ridiculous Christmas sweater with a picture of Santa dabbing on it. So this year, a whole ton of artists have figured out that people want to pay them for Christmas-themed merch. Most of it is self-conscious and deeply ugly, and at least a little bit of it is pun-based. Maybe you would like to buy some! That ridiculous sweatshirt — these Christmas sweaters are, generally, not actual sweaters — comes from Carly Rae Jepsen, who is selling a couple of different varieties on her website. And below, you can check out holiday merch from Beyoncé, Run The Jewels, Nas, DNCE, and 2 Chainz again.

Beyoncé is selling wrapping paper with her picture on it, as well as “I sleigh all day” hoodies like this one:

Meanwhile, wordplay masters Run The Jewels have a “Run The Yules” T-shirt and sweatshirt that you might like to buy:

Meanwhile, Nas is hawking several different sweatshirts with pictures of a kneeling Santa on them, and he’s donating a portion of the proceeds to the Center for Court Innovation:

Joe Jonas’ dance-pop group DNCE, who couldn’t resist making a “fruitcake by the ocean” pun on their website, have this monstrosity up for sale:

And, finally, 2 Chainz is back with more varieties of that now-iconic Santa-dabbing sweater, as well as baseball caps and flip-flops:

If we’ve missed any Christmas merch, please point them out in the comments.

UPDATE: But wait, there’s more!


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The gift of giving is best of all, so buy a sweater for winter or fall! Happy Holidays! Link in bio.

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UPDATE 2: But wait, there’s even more!