Australian EDM Fest Offered Free Waterboarding

Earthcore dance festival has to be the wildest fest still operating with impunity. The four-day EDM event held in Pyalong, Australia over the weekend had an unidentified 43-year-old woman die, and offered the torture method of waterboarding as an attraction, according to the Daily Mail. The woman did not die from waterboarding, and while her death is “not seen as suspicious,” this festival sounds pretty sus.

Video has surfaced of a man voluntarily being waterboarded at the fest while others look on and comment. You can see him have difficulty breathing while squirming in discomfort before he decides he’s had enough after a few seconds. A “party crew” by the name of The Brink Of Reality ran the torture attraction on-site. They had this to say about the video:

The video wasn’t posted by The Brink officially, and was made by two private citizens with ongoing consent being provided and checked on by both parties, with possible safety precautions being taken. It isn’t condoned by the crew, but The Brink feels strongly that if two consenting adults want to do something, they should be allowed to do so.

Watch it below.

It seems the festival will continue to go strong as it celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 despite numerous drug arrests and ambulance visits in the past. We need to figure out how to weed the idiots out of “consenting adults.”

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