Kehlani – “Advice”

After dropping a flurry of solid singles without any indication of where they would end up, Kehlani has finally announced her proper studio debut, SweetSexySavage. The Oakland R&B songstress unfortunately botched a tweet (since deleted) that pegged the release date as 1/28, a Saturday, but in fact the album will arrive on 1/27. Of that great handful of singles, it appears only “CRZY” and “Distraction” will appear on the album. Both of those songs emphasized her independence and newfound confidence as she seems to have rebounded brilliantly after a suicide attempt earlier this year.

Her new single, “Advice,” is the most revealing so far, continuing down her path of self-care and resilience. She sings, “I almost lost my mind/ I left myself behind/ I almost crashed and fell right from the sky/ I took a chance on this/ I took too big a risk/ And now I’m left with pain to get me high” over a radio-ready blend of pop shimmer and R&B/hip-hop rhythms. SweetSexySavage is quickly unveiling itself as a lesson full of healing, perseverance, and conviction. Listen to “Advice” below.

SweetSexySavage is out 1/27 on Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

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