Dams Of The West – “Tell The Truth” Video

Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson is releasing his debut solo album, Youngish Americans, under the name Dams Of The West early next year. When he announced the project back in September, he shared lead single “Death Wish” and today he’s following that up with another new track, “Tell The Truth.” This one takes on a political bent, examining what it means to live in a “post-truth society,” per what Tomson said to NPR, who debuted the song and a video to go along with it.

The video is made up of shaky, decontextualized footage meant to mimic propaganda videos: “This video was inspired by the oppressive sense of paranoia that has come to define [2016] for me,” he explained. “I am fascinated by the way the most trivial bits of footage can be used as definitive proof that, say, a certain televangelist is a shape-shifting reptilian overlord or Hillary [Clinton] … has a malignant brain tumor..” Watch and listen below.

Youngish Americans is expected out in February.