Listen To Shia LaBeouf’s Latest (Last?) Diss Track

And the Most Unnecessary 2016 award goes to Shia LaBeouf. The first freestyle was refreshing, the second one was tolerable (though he was feeling himself a little too much), but the third time is not the charm. Go away, Shia. What the actor hopes to accomplish at this point is beyond comprehension, because all of the people he’s come after have either responded with throwaway one-liners or haven’t responded at all, and none of them took the insults seriously enough to get on wax and address them. At least TMZ has gotten what is hopefully the final freestyle diss ahead of its release on Power 106 in LA tonight so you can ignore it early. But if you want to listen to LaBeouf take more shots at Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy, bring Eminem into the fold, compare himself to Stanley Kubrick and Marlon Brando with the worst timing, rhyme “MmmBop” with “kumquat,” and “gusto” with “McEnroe,” then check it out below.