Sampha Reveals Kanye West Co-Wrote “Timmy’s Prayer”

Saint Pablo,” one of the bonus tracks that Kanye West tacked onto The Life Of Pablo during his endless cycle of tinkering and updating, featured Sampha, the soulful UK singer who’s also worked with people like Solange and SBTRKT. And, as it turns out, that’s not the only song they made together.

In a new interview with FasterLouder, Sampha reveals that Kanye co-wrote “Timmy’s Prayer,” the lead single off of the singer’s forthcoming debut Process. “I wrote that song with Kanye West,” Sampha says. “Sometimes you can be in a sort of loving relationship … that you don’t appreciate when you’re in it … but then when you’re without it you realize it was heaven, because you go out into the wider world and you can meet some real sharks out there, people who are out there for your blood.”

Listen to “Timmy’s Prayer” again below, because it’s still really beautiful.