Thelma – “Peach”

On “If You Let It,” Natasha Jacobs introduced her project as Thelma with a discordant foreboding. Similarly, “Peach,” the second single from the Brooklyn-based band’s forthcoming debut album, plops along like a threat. Jacobs intentionally rests her lilting, beautiful voice against macabre backdrops to highlight the dissonance between the two. “Peach” recoils at the notion of someone claiming ownership over Jacobs, and she asserts herself through thinly-veiled metaphor: “Though I’ve fed you love respectively sweet/ I plague the back your tongue with instinctual grief,” she warns, looping her voice over itself and creating a chorus that’s greater than any one person, yet still singular and powerfully intoxicating. Listen below.

Thelma is out 2/24 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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