Bouncer Fired For Eating A Hamburger Near The Stage At Peter Murphy Show

Where’s the beef? If you’re at a Peter Murphy, the answer to that question is “in the bouncer’s hand,” apparently. During his show at Cambridge, MA’s Middle East club on Friday, as The Boston Globe reports, the former Bauhaus frontman angrily confronted a security guard about eating a hamburger and fries close to the stage. According to one concertgoer, the guard confronted Murphy right back, and “They nearly got into a physical altercation.”

Murphy was so perturbed by the incident that he briefly left the stage, telling the crowd he wouldn’t return until the bouncer was removed. After the hamburger-eating scoundrel was ushered out, Murphy came back out and finished the show.

According to a representative for the club, the guard in question has been fired and a second bouncer involved in the incident has been suspended.

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