Mark Zuckerberg Built An AI Assistant To Play RHCP, No Nickelback

Mark Zuckerberg designed an AI assistant (read: butler) named “Jarvis” that helps him accomplish every conceivable thing he would need to accomplish while puttering around his home. It tells him the weather, it makes him toast, it throws him a fresh 100% cotton T-shirt when he asks, it even plays with his infant child. Jarvis can also turn on the stereo system and play music for the Zuckerberg family whenever they ask. He’s down with Red Hot Chili Peppers, but as you’ll see in the video below, he will absolutely reject a Nickelback request (as we all should). The prototype video is made to be funny — Morgan Freeman provides Jarvis’ voice — but I guess Zuckerberg really did build the thing. Sounds like a really productive use of his time!

Have you ever seen Smart House? This is kind of like that, minus the bad stuff (hopefully).