Maryn Jones – “The Light”

Maryn Jones – “The Light”

As a way to stay productive during winter, Maryn Jones of All Dogs/Yowler/Saintseneca fame is planning to semi-regularly record old unused songs and post them to Bandcamp. She offers some perspective via Facebook:

So, recently I decided it would be a nice lil project to record some old solo project songs that never made it to any releases or anything as a way to not completely lose them, and to hopefully not lose steam in this weird sort of hiatus I’ve found myself in.

The plan (we’ll see) is to record and release a song every other/couple/few weeks and put it up on the Maryn Jones bandcamp so y’all can download/pay what you wish.

Anyhow, this is the bandcamp it’ll be at: Feel free to have a look at the stuff already up there. It’s all really old as well, ha.

The first song will be posted on New Year’s Day. Updates will happen, so keep an eye out if you want 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s been supportive of the things I’ve made through the many years, even if I’m a little flakey or all over the place. Truly appreciate it a ton. I’m not really using Facebook these days so sorry if I don’t get back to ya.

Happy New Year!
Love, Maryn

The first of those selections is “The Light,” a tender and intimate solo acoustic track with shades of the Microphones and Rainer Maria. It’s quite lovely, so listen below.

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