Deerhunter Opened For Kings Of Leon In A Casino Last Night

There are weird shows, and then there are weird shows. Deerhunter have been one of our most important indie rock bands for the past decade or so, and they have played more than their share of weird shows. But last night, they found themselves in what had to be one of their goofiest situations: Playing the first show on their tour with yarl-rock monsters Kings Of Leon at National Harbor, a huge and just-opened casino in Maryland. Given that casino crowds are notoriously some of the worst on earth, this would appear to be a prime candidate for Bradford Cox to go into full fuck-you overdrive. But from all appearances, they played a conventional 10-song Deerhunter set. Below, watch a fan-made video and check out a few fans’ photos and a Deerhunter endorsement from King Of Leon Jared Followill.

#Deerhunter opening for #kingsofleon

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And here’s Deerhunter’s setlist from last night, via

01 “Rainwater Cassette Exchange”
02 “Breaker”
03 “Revival”
04 “Living My Life”
05 “Helicopter”
06 “Back To The Middle”
07 “Dream Captain”
08 “Cover Me (Slowly)”
09 “Agoraphobia”
10 “Snakeskin”