Wear Your Wounds – “Goodbye Old Friend”

Jacob Bannon, frontman of the long-running and genre-redefining hardcore band Converge, has been recording solo music under the name Wear Your Wounds for a while now, and he’s finally recorded a full album under that moniker. The Wear Your Wounds debut full-length WYW is coming out this spring, and Bannon worked on it with his Converge bandmate Kurt Ballou, as well as members of the Red Chord, Sleigh Bells, and Hatebreed. The nine-minute album track “Goodbye Old Friend” is a grand, searching, slow-building epic with none of the frantic insanity of so many Converge songs. It’s a mournful and beautiful piece of music, and you can hear it below.

WYW is out 4/7 on Deathwish, Inc.