Culture Abuse Charge Skrillex’s Band From First To Last With Ripping Off Cover Art

Over the weekend, Skrillex reunited with From First To Last, the metalcore band that he led before finding EDM stardom, and released a new song called “Make War.” But weirdly enough, the band used a very familiar-looking image for the single’s cover art. The art is a photo of a peach, wrapped in barbed wire, against a peach background. Weirdly enough, the San Francisco punks Culture Abuse used a very similar image for the cover of Peach, a great album of tuneful hardcore that they released last year. Peach’s cover: A peach, surrounded with chain-link fencing, against a peach background. And, as Exclaim! points out, Culture Abuse noticed the similarity:

Besides that Facebook post, they’ve been retweeting a number of fans who also noticed:

If that’s a ripoff — and it’s hard to imagine it being anything but a ripoff — why would you even try something so obvious?

UPDATE: Skrillex has issued a statement saying that that the similarities between the artworks are “a complete coincidence”: