Third Man Detroit Details New Vinyl Pressing Plant And Opening Day Celebration

Third Man opened up a record store in Detroit, and now they’ll be the first label to operate “a fleet of brand new, environmentally efficient pressing machinery within a purpose-built manufacturing infrastructure.” The Third Man vinyl pressing plant will officially open on 2/25 in Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood. According to a press release, “the facility will house eight of the first newly built presses built in 35 years,” and can make up to 5,000 records per eight hour shift. It’s also the “only climate-controlled pressing plant work environment in the world.” The plant will bring 50 new living wage jobs to the neighborhood.

Third Man Pressing will throw a party on the day of its opening, featuring live music and exclusive merch. Guests will be able to pick up the first commercially available records to be pressed at the plant, as well as a selection of limited releases, including The White Stripes, De Stijl, a split 12″ from Destroy All Monsters/Xanadu, and the Johnson Family Singers’ Don’t Let The Devil Ride.