Stream Sinai Vessel Brokenlegged

Stream Sinai Vessel Brokenlegged

Sinai Vessel are a North Carolina trio set to release their debut full-length Brokenlegged later this week. The band began as the solo project of Caleb Cordes in 2009, and since has undergone various iterations before concluding on the current roster featuring bassist Daniel Hernandez and drummer Joshua Herron. Brokenlegged was recorded twice, the first attempt abandoned by the band’s greater ambitions for their sound. What they’ve settled on is a testament to their will to realize their creative vision uncompromised.

You can practically hear the flesh fall off the bone on songs as raw as “Looseleaf,” but also an underlying strength when facing the darkness on the bleak “Dogs.” Both present different but equally compelling strands of Cordes’ poetic nucleus. He has an emotional wail that comes right out of the playbook of the emo revival, backed by whiplash inducing waves of guitar rising like high tides over shallow beaches. It’s just remarkably realized, and you can now stream the entire album below via The A.V. Club.

Brokenlegged is out 1/27 via Tiny Engines.

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