Snail Mail – “Thinning” Video

Last summer, Baltimore-based trio Snail Mail released their debut full-band EP, Habit, which kicks off with the despondent but warm “Thinning.” On it, Lindsey Jordan tries to assure herself that nothing’s wrong, but her body and mind are saying differently: “Haven’t felt right in a week/ And I’m thinning out/ And it hurts bad/ I gotta get back.” Recovery seems like it’s on a completely different track, far off in the distance, and it sounds as though it’s taking everything just to keep her head above water. It’s a highlight from the EP, and today it’s gotten a video to go along with it (directed by drummer Shawn Durham) that matches the song’s languid, assured pace. Watch below, and listen to full EP, if you haven’t already, because it’s really great.

The Habit EP is out now. You can order it on tape via Sister Polygon Records.