Dieter Meier Explains How His Quintessential ‘80s One-Hit-Wonder Launched An Investing Fortune

“Oh Yeah” — the ’80s one-hit wonder by Yello that was immortalized in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — has proved to be profitable for Dieter Meier, one-half of the Swiss electronic band that perform the song. (Fun fact: Meier has never seen the movie that made his song famous.) In addition to its use in Ferris Bueller, the track has been used in a number of television shows and commercials over the years, and Meier has amassed a considerable fortune from the track.

According to a new Wall Street Journal profile, Meier has made “several million” from the song, and he invested most of that money in a variety of different business ventures, including a stake in a railway company, a holding company, a luxury watchmaker, and ownership of 250,000 acres of land in Argentina (used for wine and beef cattle) and the imminent construction of a large chocolate factory, of which “all the big players” in the choco industry are interested in. Huh!

His estimated net worth stands at roughly $175 million. That’s a lot from one one-hit wonder!

According to WSJ, Yello played their first shows in Europe a few months ago, and they’re considering pursuing some dates in the United States.