Charli XCX Mixtape Dropping At End Of February

Charli XCX’s third album is still expected to be released in May, but she’s putting out a mixtape before that. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last month, she made her plans known — “We’re in a culture now where you don’t just put out an album, you do whatever you want” — and on her Instagram story earlier today, she said that the mixtape would drop at the end of February. She’s been primarily working with SOPHIE and Stargate for her forthcoming studio full-length, and it’s unclear if the mixtape will feature leftover collaborations with them or some of her work with other producers, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Charli put out two mixtapes towards the beginning of her career, both in 2012: Heartbreaks And Earthquakes and Super Ultra.

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