Bonny Doon – “What Time Is It In Portland?”

Bonny Doon’s upcoming self-titled debut album is comprised of songs both new and previously released, but all re-recorded to the same warmly-enveloping standard. Lead single “I See You” demonstrated all the best qualities of the Detroit folk-rock outfit: a little bit of wistful melancholy, dependably sanguine guitar lines, and a penchant for literary storytelling. Follow-up “What Time Is It In Portland?” channels all those same characteristics towards a nostalgia-tinged reflection of a city growing against a band planted firmly in place. Bonny Doon depict apathy as the logical outcome of wrestling with inevitability: “I act like I don’t know what to do/ But only fools fight when they know they’re gonna lose.” They’re resigned, and it makes for a sobering listen, but one that finds contentment in simply letting go — peacefully observing until some second wind comes to move you along. “I act like I don’t understand, but I do/ Sometimes you just gotta see if I would put up a fight for you.” Listen via The Fader below.

Bonny Doon is out 3/10 on Salinas Records.

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