Hackers Target Radio Stations, Force Them To Play YG’s “FDT” On Repeat

There are many way to voice dissent, and one of them, apparently, is to target your local community radio station and force it to play YG’s profane anti-Trump anthem “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” on repeat. According to BuzzFeed, this has been happening over and over lately, to small radio stations throughout the US. On Monday night, it happened to Sunny 170.9, a Salem, South Carolina station that normally plays oldies. On Monday night, the station found itself playing “FDT” for 15 to 20 minutes, forcing them to put out this Facebook bulletin:

BuzzFeed reports that something similar has happened to an R&B-oldies station in Texas, a Spanish-language station in Tennessee, and a religious station in Indiana. Scan around; maybe it’s playing somewhere near you right now.

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