Tara Jane O’Neil – “Sand”

Tara Jane O’Neil is frequently enchanting, and has been since she began releasing music back in 1992. However, “Sand” — the lead single from the songwriter’s upcoming self-titled album out later this spring — is perhaps one of her most striking songs to date. Built upon a solemn horn rising and falling, and some impossibly crisp percussion, O’Neil’s sublime vocals imbue her poetic lyricism with a sacrosanct significance. “Break of the day/ What were left behind/ Burn it away/ Let the new self rise,” she croons, eliciting a feeling of impossible peace at a time of profound strife. The guitar reverberations percolate subtly beneath the surface until they encase the entire headspace, each strum ringing like a gong silencing any lingering noise. It’s a song that makes all else stand still, letting you simmer in its glow for as long as you need to. Listen below.

Tara Jane O’Neil is out 4/21 via Gnomonsong. Pre-order it here.