Charly Bliss – “Glitter”

We named Charly Bliss a Band To Watch last May after they released “Ruby,” but they’ve been around for a lot longer than that, and today the New York-based group has finally announced their debut full-length: Guppy is out 4/21, and they’re sharing a new track from it called “Glitter.” It’s effervescent with a bitter bite, equal parts self-deprecating and excoriating as Eva Grace Hendricks breaks down a whirlwind relationship: “I’ll have my cake and eat it too/ I wish I could be good to you,” she sings before launching into the towering chorus: “Am I the best? Or just the first person to say yes?” Here’s what Hendricks had to say about the song to NPR:

Glitter’ is a song about dating someone who’s too much like you and it making you feel full of self-hatred. I initially meant for this to be an angry breakup song, but when I read the lyrics back, I realized that all of the mean things I had written could just as easily be said about me and the way that I behaved in that relationship. The chorus lyric is a dig at myself; I am prone to speaking in superlative hyperboles like, ‘You’re my best friend!’ or ‘You’re my favorite person ever!’ which can make the people who I’m actually close to feel like I’m being disingenuous.

Listen below.

01 “Percolator”
02 “Westermarck”
03 “Glitter”
04 “Black Hole”
05 “Scare U”
06 “Ruby”
07 “DQ”
08 “Gatorade”
09 “Totalizer”
10 “Julia”

Guppy is out 4/21 via Barsuk.

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