Cold Beat – “62 Moons”

Cold Beat – “62 Moons”

San Francisco’s Hannah Lew has a new Cold Beat album queued up and ready for release. The follow-up to 2015’s Into The Air is called Chaos By Invitation, and its lead single is a good one. “62 Moons” is a wispy synth-pop song with a glorious payoff, Lew repeating the phrase “fade to black” as an irresistible keyboard melody carries the music off to the horizon. She tells NPR it’s “a song about love taken for granted, analogous to the 62 moons of Saturn, in constant loving orbit around a beautiful siren planet with many satellites.” Listen below.


01 “In Motion”
02 “Thin Ice”
03 “Don’t Touch”
04 “Black Licorice”
05 “UDW”
06 “62 Moons”
07 “False Alarm”
08 “Chainmaille”
09 “Ivory Tower”
10 “Strawberry Moon”
11 “In Motion Reprise”

Chaos By Invitation is out 4/7 via Lew’s Crime On The Moon label.

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