Kane Strang – “Oh So You’re Off I See”

“Oh So You’re Off I See” is the first taste of fresh music in 2017 from New Zealander Kane Strang. The upbeat croon of Strang’s voice and the droning sludge of the bass manifests an effortlessly cool lethargy. “I got no dreams, no guts, just enemies/ Oh friends, yeah I got one or two,” sings Strang in a low monotone hum as he continues to backtrack on vague contemplations (“Are you in or out? Sweet or sour? I want it now”) before cutting to the bright jump of the single’s chorus. “Oh So You’re Off I See” is the first single from Strang’s upcoming album, which follows 2016’s Blue Cheese. Listen.

Kane Strang’s follow-up to Blue Cheese will be out later this year on Dead Oceans.

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