The New Year – “Recent History”

Brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane have been making intimate, precise indie-rock together for decades — first in pioneering slowcore band Bedhead, then in the New Year, and most recently with David Bazan and Will Johnson in Overseas. This spring, the New Year are coming back with Snow, their fourth album and their first in nearly 10 years, and today they’ve shared lead single “Recent History,” an excellent swirl of interlocking guitars and steadily pulsing drums. Listen and watch a trailer for the album below.


01 “Mayday”
02 “Snow”
03 “Homebody”
04 “Recent History”
05 “The Last Fall”
06 “Myths”
07 “The Party’s Over”
08 “Amnesia”
09 “The Beast”
10 “Dead and Alive”

Snow is out 4/28 via Undertow; pre-order it here.

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