Peter Bjorn And John – “Stuck”

Lovable indie pop Swedes Peter Bjorn And John are releasing a deluxe version of their 2016 album Breakin’ Point tomorrow. It features eight bonus tracks, and today, we get a feel for that extra material via new single “Stuck.” Breakin’ Point, PBJ’s seventh studio album, saw a notably refined shift in the band’s sound. It explored a more polished style, thanks in part to a trio of heavy-hitting pop producers that were brought in for the project. “Stuck” is a lighthearted look into that rejuvenated writing process — a crisp and bopping track set to whimsical strings. It’s got all the pop components, mixed with yearning, self-reflective lyrics. As the chorus goes, “The more I search/ the less I know anything,” the otherwise bouncing track is brought back a more realistic ground. Listen below.


01 “Dominos”
02 “Live Is What You Want”
03 “Do-si-do”
04 “What You Talking About”
05 “Breakin’ Point”
06 “A Long Goodbye”
07 “Nostalgic Intellect”
08 “In This Town”
09 “Hard Sleep”
10 “It’s Your Call”
11 “Between The Lines”
12 “Pretty Dumb, Pretty Lame”
13 “Bad Taste (Bonus Track)”
14 “Stuck (Bonus Track)”
15 “Spoken Word (Bonus Track)”
16 “High Up (Bonus Track)”
17 “What You Talking About (Early Version)”
18 “It’s Your Call (Early Version)”
19 “A Long Goodbye (Early Version)”
20 “Breakin’ Point (Early Version)”

The deluxe edition of Breakin’ Point is out tomorrow, 3/3.