Colin Stetson – “Spindrift” Video

We get a little up close and personal with Colin Stetson and the anatomy of his saxophone in his recently released video for “Spindrift”. The single is from his upcoming album All This I Do For Glory out 4/28, which follows 2016’s Sorrow. Exploring the inner skeleton of a saxophone is a mesmerizing and a brilliantly simple idea, especially while one is actually playing the instrument. Getting swept in the elegance of Stetson’s erratic rhythm is an intimate experience. There are a variety of different perspectives produced for “Spindrift,” from inside the sax to a worm’s eye view of Stetson’s hand meandering the keys and even a close up of the strenuous breath that Stetson uses. The video is disorienting as images blend together and the focus shifts, but it’s also impossible to look away. Watch the video below.

All This I Do For Glory is out 4/28. Pre-order here.